Sandy Handyman Frequently Asked Questions


Handyman UtahHow much does your service cost?

Answer: Please call us for the rate and/ or estimate for your job. Jobs after 6pm special rates apply.


Does this include materials?

Answer: No - materials are extra. Most customers use me purely as a labor service, but I am happy to procure particular parts/materials for you if needed. I still charge the hourly rate to procure and travel for the items but there is no markup for the materials. You will receive the materials bill and it will be added to the invoice.


Do you come with all the right tools?

Answer: Yes! I carry a full range of tools to tackle a huge number of different business or home repairs and maintenance. I also carry a wide selection of small parts (screws, nails, wall plugs, plumbing connections and so forth).


Do you do free estimates?

Answer: Generally, I can give you a good idea over the telephone of how long a job is likely to take. You can then book, and when I arrive I will confirm or revise the estimate based on what I find at the job. If it is clearly going to take a lot longer than expected, and you decide not to go ahead, I won't charge you anything. If you are happy to go ahead then I will do the job there and then. For larger jobs, such as a bathroom remodel, I would usually make a separate visit first to give you an estimate.

Are you licensed and insured?

Answer: Yes, I carry Commercial General Liability insurance.


How quickly can you come out?
Answer: I am not really an emergency service - most of the work I do is booked in a couple of days in advance. I can often squeeze home repair jobs in on the same day as they are booked, though, so it is worth calling to check availability.


Do you work weekends?

Answer: Yes


Do you offer a 24hr service?

Answer: Usual hours are 9am to 6pm; After 6pm, special rates apply.


Will I have to wait in all day for your handyman to show up?

Answer: No - I give specific one hour slots in which I aim to arrive. I am nearly always right on time, but sometimes (particularly towards the end of the day) I might be a little late. But I will always call you well in advance to let you know my revised estimated arrival time.

How big a job can you take on?

Answer: The jobs I do generally range from 30 minutes to a day. I do sometimes do much larger jobs lasting several days, (e.g. taking care of a long list of home repairs for a customer or work such as basement refinishing).

What areas do I cover?

Answer: Sandy, Utah and surrounding areas.

How can I pay?

Answer: I accept Cash and Checks

Do you do work for companies like Housing Management Teams and Realtors?
Answer: Yes, certainly. Many companies use me to take care of their everyday maintenance requirements. There is no formal account-opening procedure, just call me for the jobs required, I will complete the job and then bill you afterwards. All I ask is that invoices are paid within 30 days.